Q&C|, can we live on Venus?

At the time of the humans about the future plans to colonize Mars, there is little conversation about the colonization of other planets such as Venus, is the planet closest in size and shape of the earth, and the fact that the answer is clear and direct query about the possibility of life on Venus is: no, or at least not yet.

Circumstances Venus is extremely harsh, if the heat even able to melt lead, with an average of 462 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric pressure on its surface is 90 times atmospheric pressure on earth, which means turning anything down to its surface to crumbs toasted in a jiffy.

However, assuming that we were able to overcome those difficult conditions of Venus in the future, the remains of the flower planet is the surface of the severe drought, with the adoption of the the scientists the existence of active volcanoes in some places, although the gravity on Venus experiencing gravity on the surface of the earth, almost 91% of them, the only Air planet is too thick, makes it move through him like a swim in the sea water.

While we can’t live on Venus, we can live above it, i.e. at a height of 50 kilometers from its surface, where the temperature and pressure at that altitude is similar to on earth, but it is important is the presence of equipment and uniforms private protect us from the sulfuric acid, which is the scientific name for water people, which closes on the atmosphere of the planet, that humans can life in the floating cities on Venus, if they had had the technical and the desire for it, which is something you don’t see scientists is a top priority at the current time.

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