Q&C| do you need a phone radio 8 GB?

After phones have become high-specification carry probably the Ramat with a capacity of 6 Gb, the oneplus race production phones Bram 8 GB on her phone. oneplus 6. To match companies to provide the phones by themselves next to sought internal 256 GB, but you need the user right for the large capacities in smartphones?

1 – From the door of the review is the economy

In the past year received phones with 6 GB RAM on the attention of collectors and Reviews, and this year switched RAM to 8 GB on their interest without real need.

2 – The normal user does not need to Ramat capacity of 8 GB

What will you do with your smartphone? The answer to that question will determine your need for those large capacity of RAM not, if you use your phone is to play music, movies, games, browse the Internet, you don’t need that large capacity.

3. the best phones in the world download Rama much less

The best smartphones in the world carry the Ramat with a capacity of less, including phones Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 before the presence of the pixels.

So the iPhone 8 plus Ramat 3 GB while other phones Ramat capacity of 4 GB.

4 – 8 GB RAM does not necessarily mean that your phone will be the fastest

The difference in performance between the 6 GB of RAM and 8 GB of RAM is not noticeable for the average user the identity of the smartphones.

5 – most of the custom games for Android phones work Radio much less

Of course wish the developers of the games in the download games on phones in greater numbers, and so adjusts their toys to deal with a large class of users with Bram less than 6 Gb.

6. the Android applications you do not need the association with a capacity of 8 GB

Includes application developers with game developers, in their desire to reach the largest possible number of users, so running most Android apps with Rama with a capacity of 4 GB with ease.

7 – the higher the RAM capacity and the higher the price of the phone

Of course the higher specification phone technical the higher the price, the phone carries Ramat capacity of 8 GB will be too expensive for the vast majority of users.

8- you will replace your phone sooner or later

You might think that the phone carries Ramat capacity of 8 GB will pay for a longer time, but you will replace it in the end phone the latest after two years at the most.

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