Q&C| how to work the recognition to smile at the cameras modern?

Similar to the proverb: “the laugh of the picture require sweet”, it was necessary to have access to the feature in modern cameras and imaging applications on smart phones to help us to capture the happy moments easily, and here was born the property of smile capture, Smile Detection, existing now in almost all smartphones and cameras.

In order to operate this smart feature, you must specify the camera first face or the presence of persons within the area, through a mathematical algorithm looking for a pair of eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, by contrast, which is determined by their shadows, when it requires that the algorithm with the coordinates of the face, the camera automatically tracks faces regular smile to take pictures.

In the same way, regarding the camera on the smile of the person, the variation is determined by the narrow eyes and the appearance of the teeth and bulging cheeks, and the time inverted for lips during a smile, giving the camera so fast to capture the image in the moment.

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