Q&c| If radiation causes cancer so how to treat it?

If the radiation exposure leads to cancer, how is cancer treatment radiation?! It’s like the use of a firearm in murder and in crime prevention at the same time!

Lead exposure is often to the incidence of cancer due to photons of high energy which can effect on the DNA of the “den” DNA in the cells of the body, although the cells can repair this damage, except that in certain limits not cells can recover completely from the effect of radiation, there remains some faulty genes, which may cause infection malignant when these diseased cells into cancer cells are divided rapidly and spread within the body.

In radiation therapy is the use of directed high-energy X-rays “X-rays” or gamma rays or bundles of electrons or protons to destroy cancer cells, where the To Destroy the DNA within these cells to prevent these cells from growth and division down to her death.

It is no secret that radiation therapy is used freely and calculated accurately, in order to avoid influence on the healthy cells of the body, which quickly lead to their exposure to radiation to the transformation into cancer cells.

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