Q&C| is of a scientific explanation of falling in love?

Helen Fisher is a scientist Anthropology of the natural (human life) at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, and a leader in the science behind love, which divide the process of falling in love and continue in his sensations into 3 stages, each stage of the hormones that play a role in guiding our actions.

The first phase, says Fisher, is the stage of the human person provokes them sexually, where it plays a hormone testosterone –in both men and women – role in it. When a gravity mutual between the two, they are moving to romantic love, which is the phase control of the relationship on the brain.

In the brain, and at this point, comes the role of dopamine, which is one of the chemical groups that allow the vector nerve, which carries information from one neuron (nerve cell) to another, Wales and dopamine play a major role in the sensation of pleasure, happiness and addiction.

Creates a dopamine boost passion and a sense of happiness, at the same time, other chemicals, including adrenaline, making the heart beat faster when you meet the beloved face to face.

The second stage, is the stage of maintaining a love relationship, which plays oxytocin role, which is the same hormone that creates an emotional connection between a mother and her child, and helps build a bond between romantic partners. according to study conducted by researchers at the University of Zurich, the hormone makes the lovers more able to express their feelings and supportive of each other.

In addition, reduces the oxytocin hormone cortisol, a hormone the catalyst to stress, the scientists say that genes may play a role in how accept someone of oxytocin, which explains the spend some in a relationship the emotional center of the imagined to life situations when.

Once you find the right person, respond to our bodies in certain ways, in successful relationships and stable partner emotionally, showing signs of less stress through the details of their relationship, while in the case of two bands is less aggravated, are facing difficult times, it would show signs of stress during their continued relationship, and can affect the growing pressure between them on the immune and endocrine systems have them, which increases their risk of disease, which may embody the saying “love what you kill”.

Despite these results, considered Fisher that biology does not happen alone we fall in love with them and for how long-lasting emotional relationship with them, we must play our culture and and ideas, one also played a role, although biology operates under the surface in the formation of a life of love we have.

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