Q&c| What is the smallest camera made by man?

The smallest camera made by man’s camera “in the IBM” VIP, which is made by the company CSEM Swiss, come and choose the VIP of the camera name which means “Pack vision” Vision-In-Package.

And increases the diameter of the sensor optical the camera about 0.8 millimeters, which settles on the base consists of its own processor and performs tasks such as image compression, error correction, the size of the camera the entire as a single unit no more than the size of a Bouillon cube, chicken, and 18.5 millimeters length 18.5 millimeter width.

Ulcers of the Bluetooth device, in order to learn their usefulness in the immediate dispatch didn’t pick it up from the photo, where it hosts a wide range of applications, ranging from robotic surgery and even a UAV (drone).

For technical specifications camera VIP, they are working with a processor (proceso) ARM Cortex M4F, a memory random access (RAM) 64 MB SDRam, and 2 Mbytes, which is taking pictures of accurately 752*480 pixels.

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