“QSun”.. a smart device to enjoy the benefits without worry

The centre of a large number of benefits of sun exposure, such as getting vitamin (D) Vitamin D, some fear of sunburn. So how can we manage our exposure to drink every day without damage to get it good for?

It’s simple, thanks to the wearable tech Wearable Technology has been the development of the “in” QSun, which is a small device smart would make us determine track healthy balance between sun exposure and the level of vitamin (D), where it will tell you the device when reached the stage of risk of exposure to sunburn according to your skin type.

Device “in” QSun alert the user, through a smart application facility, when approached from exposure to sunburn, as they called the device an alarm sound audible, where the innovative device with artificial intelligence AI control and analysis of sun exposure in real-time, via the suspension device is smaller in one end of your clothes.

And “is” is a device that contains the accounts to monitor the ultraviolet radiation, which is compatible with the devices with Apple health, Apple Health, Google girl, Google Fit smart, which it represents effective protection from skin cancer resulting from exposure to heavy drink, it is a disease that 20% of Americans are almost infection.

Successfully funding campaign “is” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding Indiegogo, is scheduled to be up to his supporters by August, the starting price of $ 59 (1,050 pounds almost).

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