Qualcomm and Lenovo and learn about the first computer supports the networks of the fifth generation

Announced Qualcomm andLenovo on Monday in the framework of their participation in the exhibition “Computex 2019” Computex 2019 headquarters in Taiwan’s capital Taipei; and about the first laptop in the world that supports 5G.

The two companies said in a statement: “combined efforts of Qualcomm’s flagship processor in the fifth generation, and Lenovo, a global leader in the field of personal computers; and to announce that the sophisticated computer that supports 5G”.


The company added two to the computer – which has been dubbed “Project limitless” Project Limitless – A that includes a processor “Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chairs x e” Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G, which is the first processor designed for personal computers with technical support 7 nm.

And the two companies that the computer Project Limitless will set the stage for the era of computers, permanent playback, and permanent connected to the internet. Thanks to the Snapdragon processor 8cx, which is the most powerful processor made by Qualcomm so far, which provides the performance of a performance, and battery life was superb.

To connect to the networks of the fifth generation, featuring a computer modem “Snapdragon is I” Snapdragon X55 5G, which provides connection speeds up to 7 Gbps.

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With the support of networks of the fifth generation, a computer can support artificial intelligence techniques, including simultaneous translation of voice language between English and Chinese.

The computer by architecture “AR m” ARM of Windows 10 operating system. It has random access memory “RAM” size of 16 GB. This, and did not require Qualcomm and Lenovo to the rest of the details of the device, including price and launch date in the market.


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