Qualcomm announced how much money she owes Apple

The trial between Apple and Qualcomm have lasted for years. It came down to the fact that the main supplier of communication modules for iPhone is the company Intel. The cause of these events was the Apple of the complaint that Qualcomm is abusing its leading position in the market and deliberately inflate the prices of their licenses. Apple stopped paying her royalties, and now her duty to the company Qualcomm is constantly growing. According to Reuters, the size of the debt has already reached a fairly large size.

It is reported that at the moment, the iPhone maker must pay his former partner more than $ 7 billion. Litigation between the companies can last several years, so before adopting a final court verdict the size of the debt can reach unimaginable proportions.

Apple representatives confidently stand your ground and not going to pay the required money. In addition to the charge of excessive prices for licenses they are confident that Qualcomm asks for money, even for those patents that are not used in any of the Apple devices. In response, the representatives of Qualcomm claim that the Cupertino-based company just seeks cutting prices for communication modules.

In July 2018, Qualcomm has already suffered some damage during the proceedings. Then the investigation of the European Commission proved that the company was paying Apple more money for something that she did not buy the communication modules from competing manufacturers. In the end, Qualcomm was accused of violating the Antimonopoly law and fined a billion euros. The agreement between the companies lasted from 2011 to 2016 — after that the iPhone came chips from Intel.

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