Qualcomm announces a new generation of modems 5G offers broader support for devices

كوالكوم تعلن عن جيل جديد من مودمات 5G يقدم دعم أوسع للأجهزة

“Reaching the top is hard, but maintaining it is harder” this is the motto of Qualcomm and other major companies, no doubt, the American police announced the modem its Snapdragon X55 which offers a wider choice of companies and provides communication technologies more than the previous generation X50, even before the launch of the first phone report of the fifth generation with the modem it old.

And Qualcomm said that more than 20 manufacturer had announced its intention to use the company’s platform for the fifth generation mobile phones and others, as they seek to move on to another with the new season revealed.

The company explained that the Snapdragon X55 will not only provide the technology of smart phones, but will support the router wireless and connection points hot (hotspot), computers in addition to tablets, cars and other.

And speaking of things more technical, Will the techniques NR TDD and FDD, as is the case with mmWave spectrum sub-6 GHz. It will also support the situation of the NSA and SA, next to the problems of communication between the technology of the fourth generation and the fifth is what makes the development of technologies of the fifth generation in conjunction with a fourth-generation easier; devices can use the modem to provide the spectra of the different connection and thus the connection of devices with different with reference.

Staff can Qualcomm’s new support download speed up to 7 GB per second next to the upload speed up to 3 GB per second, which represents the transfer of very large speed wireless data transfer. This season will be available for companies to test it directly, it will be available for commercial use with the end of 2019 at the discretion of the company.

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