Qualcomm announces the its new smartphone Snapdragon 670

كوالكوم تعلن عن معالجها الذكي الجديد سنابدراجون 670

The company announced the U.S. competent industry CPUs Qualcomm, addressed the new Snapdragon 670 600 series, features a new processor with high efficiency, it is the category of the kryo 360 eight-core, six with 1.7 GHz and two with 2-GHz. And the ability to deal with the processes of artificial intelligence with 1.8 times better than the previous version of the series.

Supports the new processor, camera features and video recording HD with the use of less energy 30%, which means maintaining the longer battery life of the device, at which time the processor supports also feature fast charging to reach a 50% charge at about 15 minutes.

As well as the upload and download speed of up to 600 – 150 Mbps through the use of modem Snapdragon X12 LTE, which can move between the phone data network and Wi-Fi or use the two together to ensure the best Internet connection.

Are available chip Snapdragon (670) phone manufacturers (OEM), which means that we might see phones of average ability use this processor during the current year.

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