Qualcomm back to use manufacturing technology to TSMC with a precision of 5 nm in the Snapdragon processor 875

Confirmed the latest reports on the plans of Qualcomm coming back again to use the manufacturing process TSMC with a precision of 5 nm in the treatment of the Company Law which applies is entitled Snapdragon 875.

Revealed earlier report from the code processor Qualcomm’s next Snapdragon 865 who knew processor SM8250, which applies from the company’s two models, with both models memory LPDDR5X storage in UFS 3.0, while calling one of the models of contact networks of the fifth generation, it also comes Snapdragon processor 865 accurately manufacture 7 nm architectural EUV resists from Samsung.

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In another report from UBS pointed out that Qualcomm will use the architecture to TSMC possible with a precision of 5 nm in the her that comes after the Snapdragon 865 which applies entitled Snapdragon 875.

I have moved to Qualcomm in versions previous also between architecture Samsung and TSMC, where it all came from the Snapdragon processor 830, and the Snapdragon 835, also Snapdragon 845 the process of manufacture of Samsung’s 14 and 10 nm, while the Snapdragon processor 855 the manufacturing process in TSMC.

On the other hand, spotted leaks of the results of the tests of the Snapdragon processor 865 in GeekBench in 6 of August, where the back of the processor with the code ‘Kona’, as the record of 4160 points in the tests of the nuclei unilateral و12946 point in the tests of the nuclei multiple.


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