Qualcomm collaborates with the site developer of the game “Pokémon Go” to develop a system of enhanced reality

Work Qualcomm to develop a system of enhanced reality, in collaboration with the developer of the game Pokemon Joe “site”.

كوالكوم تتعاون مع نيانتيك مطورة لعبة "Pokémon Go" لتطوير نظارات واقع معزز

Announced that Qualcomm over the past two days about a number of innovations especially processors destined for smartphones of all kinds, so in the conference to be held in Hawaii. But it doesn’t seem that the products and technologies of smart phones is the only thing that seeks to apply the current period, where announced about its cooperation with the Japanese company site to develop a system of providing augmented reality.

You think nine months to companies with augmented reality apps thanks to the game my Pokemon Joe “Pokémon Go” and “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”.

But during the next period with Qualcomm, not only the work site for apps and games, where they will launch the systems, devices, and other components of development.

Will be the focus of the two companies focused on the development of the chip XR2 and the installation of systems, cloud and other to use and connect them in devices augmented reality, particularly the glasses that will be developed. And this chip is the first of its kind built with fifth-generation as well as the first of its kind capable of filming videos strictly 8K degrees photography 360. What makes the chip make a big leap in the world of augmented reality when developing new glasses based on them.

This would help in the control of Qualcomm on the processors a new maybe, you will be allowed into the site of the Council away from developing games.



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