Qualcomm confirms resume to a fine of 242 million euros imposed by the European Commission

Logo of the Qualcomm brand with 5G technology seen during

You will see Qualcomm fine worth of 242 million euros was imposed on them by the European Commission because of the abuse of its dominant position in the chip market the 3G between the two years 2009 and 2011.

Concluded the investigation, attended for about ten years that Qualcomm has sold chip 3G at a lower cost for both Huawei and ZTE over two years for the output of company Icera competition at the time of the competition. Considered the investigators that the share of Qualcomm 60 percent of the market – nearly three times the share of its nearest competitor does not – given its dominant in the market. Although this is legal under EU law, it still represents an abuse of its dominant position in the market.

The European Commission said that the behavior of Qualcomm has happened at a time when the Icera’s real competitor was designed to assess the threat. In the year 2011, was the purchase of Icera by Nvidia Corporation that the closing section of the chip the season after that in the year 2015.

Represent the fine of 1.27 percent of revenues for Qualcomm in the year 2018 to reflect the severity of the violation. In fact, because of the high barriers to entry into this particular market, the European Commission decided that competition has been severely affected due to this behavior stemming from the company Qualcomm.

” I sold Qualcomm these products at a price lower than the cost to key customers with the intent to eliminate a competitor“, this was announced by the chairperson of the committee on antitrust in the European Union, Ms. Margrethe Vestager, added : ” We have to prevent strategic goods to buy the Qualcomm competition and innovation in this market, the restriction of choices available to consumers in the sector have the capacities and the enormous potential of innovative technologies “.

Rejected Qualcomm the results of the investigation, indicating that Chinese sellers of teachers chose Qualcomm’s technology because it was superior to competing technologies, and promised to expose the ” nature’s pointless for that resolution. “ On this subject, stated the general counsel for Qualcomm, Mr. Don Rosenberg said : ” this decision is not supported by the law, or the principles of economic or market realities, and look forward to be able to reverse it on appeal “.


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