Qualcomm confirms that the iPhone coming this year will only be used a modem of Intel slow

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Was companies, Apple and Qualcomm in a legal dispute the long-term, both companies suing each other note that the judicial dispute between the two companies of the Americas began in the month of January last year when she raised the Apple lawsuit against them demanding them to pay 1 billion USD.

Today, the site CNet that Qualcomm won’t provide Apple with the modem that you will use in phones iPhone coming later this year. Said George Davis, CFO of Qualcomm : ” we believe that Apple intends to only use the chip the competition season to us instead of the chips of our own design in the next generation of iPhone “.

This does not mean that trade relations between Qualcomm and Apple TV will be over forever, the head of the Department of computer chip company Qualcomm, Mr. Cristiano Amon believes that the company can be a provider for Apple with the world in the future.

Over the past few years, the use of Apple chips season of both Intel and Qualcomm in the different models of phones, iPhone, has clarified many of the tests that have been posted on the internet win chip modem, a subsidiary of Qualcomm on-chip modem, a subsidiary of Intel, whether on the level of strength or speed.

In fact, just two days ago proved the Qualcomm site Quicktest.com through millions of tests to Android devices equipped with the information to Qualcomm’s faster than the Apple devices that use the modem of Intel, and specifically it turns out it is faster by 53% on the networks of T-Mobile, and faster by 40% on the networks of AT&T.

Did not disclose Qualcomm specifically about the company that you will buy from them Apple TV chip the world, but we sure as Intel. Wonder if Intel will be able to keep up with the demand on the phones the new iPhone or if Apple has found a new factory of the chip to provide the chip the season in the case of cash. Anyway, I won’t be Qualcomm’s part of the iPhone coming this year.



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