Qualcomm demonstrated the first workable antenna for 5G

Today 5G network tested, but not available to the masses. Qualcomm already change it. She presented a first antenna for mobile devices, we will be able to see them in smartphones by the end of 2018.

Millimeter wave covers a frequency range from 24 to 300 GHz. Its disadvantage is that the signal transmission distance can not be compared with the usual cellular networks. Qualcomm solves this problem with technology called “beamforming”.

Technology Qualcomm uses several different signals of millimeter waves to provide the best signal for our devices. The problem is that its use requires placement of the antennas on the outside of the device. It showed Qualcomm.

Antenna modem Qualcomm X50 are located at the edges of the smartphone. In the layout of the three antennas located at the edges, and four antenna designed for access point. This allows to provide not only data reception using beam-forming, but also transfer data from your smartphone. The technology has been tested in moving even on the freeway the car.

With the beam can be transmitted very large amount of data. Today theoretical maximum speed is about 5 GB/s. Qualcomm States that the next few generations of technology for speeds of 10, 15 or even 20 Gbit/s For the average user data transmission rate will be 1.4 GB/s.

All this will allow you to do complex computing processes outside the device. It will be possible to completely wireless VR. Server-side calculations will give us completely new possibilities. Smartphones thin and light laptops will get the performance of powerful supercomputers.

Qualcomm says that at the end of this year there will be access points Wi-Fi with support for 5G. Smartphones will begin to use the technology in the first half of 2019. Looking forward to it.

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