Qualcomm introduces first video strictly 8K photographer phone works with a processor Snapdragon 865

Giant slides and processors Qualcomm has launched all of the processor Snapdragon 865 processor Snapdragon 765 earlier in the month of January, these new processors are leading processors and medium best for 2020 at the moment, and today Gracenote Qualcomm its processors will be more successful not to put a video strictly 8K using the phone works with a processor Snapdragon 865 new! كوالكوم التصوير بدقة 8K

Photography is strictly 8K, using the processor Snapdragon 865

Snapdragon 865 will appear for the first time this year in phones Galaxy S20 which will be announced after several days, as we see this processor will have the capacity of the state the huge images and videos, this is where it houses a bar called Spectra 480 ISP which will make the processor Snapdragon 865 is capable of processing 2 gigabit per second , as that processor would be able in theory to shoot 4K video HDR at the same time capture the images accurately 200MP! But we don’t expect to see those capabilities soon.

In the following video posted by Qualcomm on YouTube which is a depiction of the beauty of the city of Arizona, as you can see through the YouTube videos already available strictly 8K!

This is a video taken with a phone demo comes with a processor Snapdragon new along with the sensor the camera of Sony which is IMX586 which comes strictly 48 megapixel! If we went to the ground and we talked about shooting video carefully 8K effectively, we will be the first phones that might be supportive for this feature as the phone will be Galaxy S20 Ultra which will come with a camera with a 108-megapixel camera as we know.

What do you think? And do you intend to capture any videos strictly 8K in the case of the availability of this feature in your phone? We shared right now in the comments..

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