Qualcomm is not waiting for orders at your fast modems for iPhone

Apple has developed a very complicated relationship with Qualcomm. For this reason, the manufacturer of chips for mobile devices said that it expects orders from the company from Cupertino in the near future. At the same time, Qualcomm believes your modem chips the best to date. At least better than those used in the iPhone.

Financial Manager of Qualcomm George Davis talked about the profits of the company in a CNBC interview. He said that Apple iPhone in the future intends to use only modem chips from their competitor. Qualcomm will get the orders for modems for legacy devices that are not yet removed from sale.

We believe that Apple intends to use only modems from our competitors, not our modems in the next release of iPhone. We will continue to provide modems for legacy Apple devices.

Answering the question of whether to change something in the future, the President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon said that they are working in a very dynamic industry and are willing to become a supplier for Apple, if given the opportunity.

When it comes to competitor Qualcomm, meaning Intel. Modems from Intel began to be used in iPhone 7. This year, Apple was never able to fully switch to Intel, Qualcomm giving about 30 percent of orders, but in the future, the transition can take place.

One of the reasons of non-cooperation with Qualcomm could be a nasty court battle between the two companies. Chipmaker accused that it has forced Apple to use its decisions under the contract. Apple filed a lawsuit in the amount of $ 1 billion. Qualcomm, for its part, filed a request to ban sales of the iPhone in the United States and the production of these smartphones in China.

The news follows an active advertising campaign from Qualcomm. In it, the chip maker says that the speed of receiving and sending data in Android smartphones with a chip from Qualcomm is higher than in iPhone modem from Intel. This statement they make on the basis of the statistics service Ookla to measure speed of connection and data transfer.

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