Qualcomm occur 24 September to hold the next conference

Select manufacturing giant chip on 24 September to hold the next conference, where the company will continue to uncover important announcement and according to some leaks.

In the teaser posted recently from Qualcomm, the company recalled a new event to the police on the 24th of September, however, the company did not provide details about the product or advertisement associated with during the conference.

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And utilities conference Qualcomm with the date of event to buy the Shao know about the phones Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi MIX of Alpha, while the Sony Xperia 5, as the company offers the Realme phone Realme X2, while forecasts indicate that Qualcomm is on its way to announce a Snapdragon processor 865.

And slide phone Mi 9 Pro 5G soon with a processor Snapdragon 855 Plus, while the Sony Xperia 5 processor Snapdragon 855b, from another side, the phone Realme X2 processor Snapdragon 730G, but the leaks did not reveal the category of the processor which provides the phone Shao my next Mi MIX Alpha.

Include to that the declaration of Qualcomm will be linked to one of the brands of the three Sony, Shao or Realme, and Snapdragon processor 865 one of the expectations associated with during the conference due to previous leaks pointed to the plans of Qualcomm to announce the processor at the end of 2019, and to apply in smartphones in 2020.


I know of

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