Qualcomm offers Gmail Assistant and the technique of rapid communication in the new versions of the heavens

Learn all of Qualcomm and Google to support the makers of the heavens and smart with the tools necessary for the development of the heavens and the addition of Assistant Google virtual and Fast Pair through the Sky platform and smart.

Google Assistant and Fast Pair

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Started all from Google and Qualcomm a new partnership recently integrate the Google default in more versions of the sky intelligent of the various companies, also offers both companies the tools that support addition Technology Fast Pair also through the Sky platform, where the technology supports Fast Pair feature speed dial switch between phones Android Best different operating system.

Come to the Sky platform Smart from Google and Qualcomm to be the design reference for the sky and smart, to allow the developers of the sky and use tools that allow to add help Google and speed dial, where Qualcomm in the Sky platform smart chip Bluetooth Low-Energy which differ in their ability to allow the owner of the headphones to choose the capacity that are compatible with the level of pricing of the heavens.

Also next to the add a Google virtual to new versions of the sky, offering Google and Qualcomm system Fast Pair that allows fast connection of headphones with a smart phone, with the possibility to switch seamlessly between phones landed running 6.0 and above, to offer users a seamless experience in heaven smart to connect the heavens and playback directly when you switch between phones.

Recall that the Google platform and Qualcomm for the sky and Smart will add all of the Assistant Google the default system Fast Pair to a lot of versions coming from the heavens and smart with different level of pricing.


I know of

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