Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 855 giant Qualcomm’s new best phones 2019

Snapdragon 855

Development between flagship smartphones says secretly The Wizard is the mastermind of the attack and sends its capabilities and the space that moving out companies .

And after weeks of the declaration of Samsung for its Exynos 9820 announced the company Qualcomm for the Snapdragon processor 855 and the source of the report 7 nm with Modem connection X24 and who can transfer data to 2 GB per second to reflect that processor Samsung talk .

Support Wi-Fi technology 6 fastest and the latest .

The company added that Modem fifth generation will be in the Snapdragon 855 based on the desire of manufacturers to provide the technical and not in its phones, as the chip will support Wi-Fi technology 6 and is the fastest and the latest and that will appear for the first time in smart phones thanks to her and will be able to transfer data up to 10 GB per second .

The performance of the processor Snapdragon 855

He said the Qualcomm’s processor will be fast performance B 20% in graphics thanks to the processor graphics built-in chip Adreno 640 will allow the central processor to develop the performance of nearly 45 percent over the previous thanks to the presence of eight nuclei and the energy conservation is seven times more than the previous .

Features processor Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm has added the chip to its processor Hexagon 690 ad hoc techniques of artificial intelligence to benefit in the image processing and the image, for example, The Wizard will feature to isolate the person’s voice in calls for, and raise the level of clarity next to the ability of processors to isolate the captured images or from the internet through the work of the interference on the other part of the picture .

And in camera technologies has enhanced Qualcomm Technologies reality and different modes of photography, personal portrait, and insulation and camera can recognize directly on the photo, like portrait and separated directly without the need for reprocessing and is it similar during the filming of HDR or 4K so that can be done to jamming or isolate a specific part directly during the export so that the therapist will help the cameras to change the background directly during filming.

This perhaps indicates a new stage in photography is like the Chrome on the montage software to change video background and the company announced the adoption of the extension of the sound HEIF substitute for GIBG being a new extension, better for high resolution images and the details such as HDR which makes phones with cameras and three photographs of each lens and under in a single file within HEIF .

And play processor fingerprint sensor built-in screen that supports the news that the Galaxy S 10 will support a fingerprint sensor in the screen , there will be two copies of where the processor the first Qualcomm and the second version of the processor Samsung Exynos 9820, announced the Qualcomm about their new Snapdragon 8cx and ad hoc devices operating system Windows, and said Qualcomm’s processor is not designed specifically for high-potential but the wave of devices expected, or that you know based 2-in-1 and which began to spread dramatically in recent years.

The company says that the treatment will reach the market in the second half of 2019, and with a graphics processor Adreno 680 Extreme to do this poor performance to address the computers of the previous snapdragon 850 .

It is the first processor for the computer based on the technique of 7nm as the processor will be strongly electric 7 watt but at the same time will be the efficiency similar to those offered by processors of the other devices on the power 15 watt with the ability of the processor to support memory ram LPDDR4x up to 16 GB after that was previous processors supports up to 4 GB and the processor will techniques rapid charging to provide laptops as it will maintain the battery for a long time up to a full day .

Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 855 giant Qualcomm’s new best phones 2019

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