Qualcomm start to run some tests on the chip QM215 for Android phones Go

Use Qualcomm to launch the chip QM215 New used versions of low-cost smartphones, including Android phones Go.

Qualcomm testing QM215 chipset

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Started Qualcomm recently run some tests on the processor chip QM215 it is one of a series of chip the Snapdragon, which is expected to apply to the markets in smartphones titled Qualcomm Mobile 215, how come this chip in the same class chip on my Snapdragon 410 and 425 also.

It is scheduled to come chip QM215 four nuclei like the nuclei of Cortex-A53, for example, to assess the speed of 1.3 GHz, with Realtek screen at a speed of 650 MHz, but the leaks did not reveal the technique of manufacture of the chip, and whether it will be characterized accurately manufacture 28-nanometer, such as my chip Snapdragon 410, 425, or she’s coming strictly new manufacturing.

I have already started Qualcomm in the test prototype of the first reference chip that comes with the memory 1 or 2 GB of RAM on LPDDR3 memory, with a storage capacity from 8 to 16 GB, and is likely to be the first trade of the chip in one of the Android phones Go provided by Huawei, and the screen is 720 pixels, with a sensor footprint.


I know of

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