Qualcomm want to bring 5G technology to other industrial sectors

5G Network

Expected to become a 5G technology is the next criterion in wireless communication on mobile devices, but Qualcomm intends that because of the changes and improvements, can also be used in sectors other than mobile devices. At the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain, the company announced the modems 5G New designed for use outside of smart phones.

The company announced that it is working with the Department of mobile devices in the company Rakuten for the supply of modems 5G network equipment that will be launched in Japan. In addition, Qualcomm also how you can use the modem and 5G in computers than allowed by associating them with 5G, this is what will make users connected to the network even in case if you haven’t a WiFi network available. We’ve already seen laptops that support networks of the fourth generation, and although it is not common, but they are available, so the support of the 5G does not represent a surprise.

You think Qualcomm is also that it can bring 5G technology to cars, has just announced the chip new hosts companies specialized in the automotive industry. And Qualcomm manufactures chips for cars to help her conjugations to the internet, but it is believed that the chip 5G this will not allow parking in conjunction with the internet only, but it will not communicate with the cars and other elements, such as traffic lights, which helps to improve self-driving cars.

Qualcomm is not the only company that relate to the use of 5G technology outside of smartphones. We saw recently how the use of 5G technology to conduct surgery in China, and are looking to companies such as Disney and Verizon use this technology in the field of entertainment.

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