Qualcomm will change as updates for Android

Why Android smartphones so bad with the updates? A year, two at most – and the release of the latest updates stops. The thing is that in creating one of the smartphone involved a large number of independent from each other enterprises. Processors to make them one company, the modems are different, and the operating system third. As a result, the manufacturer who produces the apparatus, it is necessary not only to unite all the details with each other, but also to optimize them to achieve their proper functioning. But because each time to carry out such extensive work without getting money for it is not desirable to anyone, then we have what we have. However, soon the situation may change slightly.

Qualcomm thinks it can change its approach to updates on Android, and here’s why

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Qualcomm will start to release updates for graphics cards that are installed in the Android smartphones through Google Play alone. Previously, this possibility was absent, and all sorts of patches and hotfixes in the work of the graphics came out pretty rarely and only as a part of system updates. This was because the manufacturer had to wait while the provider will make changes to the firmware and send it to him to adapt. But to change the situation the initiative of the Project Mainline, which Google presented this spring at the conference Google I/O.

What is Project Mainline

In fact, the Mainline Project is a logical continuation of the Project Treble, because the new initiative allows more crush Android on independently from other components. Thus, Google had the opportunity to distribute monthly security updates among the users of compatible devices directly through Google Play, bypassing their manufacturers. And now the same thing will be done and Qualcomm releasing updates for graphics cards, acting, so to speak, without intermediaries.

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Desire Qualcomm to update the graphics accelerators of smartphones is a significant step for the industry. If the company will be able to distribute updates with bug-fixes among users independently, it will lead to a more rapid response to discovered problems. This means that from now on all crashes in work schedules that interfere with games and applications that will be corrected in the shortest possible time. And since Qualcomm will not be an intermediary on behalf of the manufacturer, from the moment of identifying the problem before fixing it will take a few days or even hours.

What smartphones will receive the update in the graphics

Initially, the independent graphics updates distributed through Google Play, will come out in an experimental mode and only cover smartphones on the new Snapdragon processor 865. The first devices with this “stone” will appear on the market early next year, so expect a particularly wide spread of new practices Qualcomm – at least at first – not worth it. However, the company does not exclude that the development of the initiative, its action can be extended to earlier devices.

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In theory, Project Mainline should seriously facilitate the work of producers who will be forced to spend considerably less energy and resources for the development and optimization updates. After all, if half the work they were doing previously, will do someone else, this will allow to change the approach to apdejtam in General. As a result, all will benefit from this. Vendors will be able to engage in the updating of its shell, and users will get more updates that might allow their devices to preserve its relevance.

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