Quantum computing became available on Amazon’s Service Cloud

Offering Amazon computing services quantity on its service cloud to become the users can avail them at the lowest possible price.

الحوسبة الكمية أصبحت متاحة على خدمة أمازون السحابية

Started Amazon enter the world of cloud computing the consumer and made available to users subscribers of its cloud for the first time, seeking through this step to attract more developers and businesses to its service cloud and reduce your costs take advantage of these services. To be that of the early companies that provide these services for ordinary users.

The company launched the services of computing the amount of the new name of the Braket which comes in partnership with several companies developed this kind of techniques.

Are Google and IBM of the most powerful companies in the development of cloud computing, but Amazon decided to stop for me another bring these services from other companies and integrate its service cloud rather than develop their own, so that the services of quantum computing come in partnership with companies, D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti which develops all services of its own.

Will help Amazon researchers and developers involved with the completion of their business with ease with the provision of this type of dialogue with speed hacks.

On the other hand, Amazon launched a cloud computing center AWS Center for Quantum Computing and risks of the development of the service AWS Quantum Solutions Lab.

It should be noted that the techniques of cloud computing represent the next challenge for major companies, Google and IBM arrived early, followed by Microsoft a month ago.


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