Question of the day: who is behind the growth of Bitcoin?

With the beginning of the year Bitcoin has had time to grow several times in this game drew attention of the world media. Naturally, many began to wonder what was the reason for the growth of an asset that in 2018, has lost almost 85 per cent of its value. According to analysts Coinlib huge role in Bollene played by institutional investors and the issue of the Tether.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 12 875 dollars. For the past day, the cryptocurrency has risen by 13.2 percent, and for a week its cost has risen by 42 percent. And this is not the limit — according to co-founder of Gemini billionaire Tyler Winklevoss, Bitcoin is quite can reach 15 thousand dollars in the foreseeable future.

Who contributed to bullrun?

The main source of “fresh blood” — issue new tokens Tether. The experts found that in the past 24 hours using USDT purchased thousands of bitcoins the total amount of 4.21 billion. But for Fiat (USD) BTC bought fewer buyers were spent 1.16 billion dollars.

Second on the list is Ethereum, here was poured 1.62 million USDT. Note that the process of mass buying of cryptocurrency involved major players in the market. At least this is the opinion of the vast majority of analysts.

Source: Bitcoinist

There is a very interesting trend: those who have been in the industry the past few years, trying to make the most of the price movement of Bitcoin. While serious influx of new investors is not observed. In particular, this also can be judged by the statistics of Google Trends. After breaking the line of 10 thousand dollars, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown a little bit, but it still can not reach the maximum value set in the end of 2017.

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