Radarius your mate exactly near!

All want them to have a second half. However, for many to meet in real life with the opposite sex – a real test. The main causes of such a test is self-doubt and fear of failure. On the one hand, it is possible to try to overcome a fear is definitely not to be superfluous, on the other – it is possible to go the other way and try to find Dating online. Here, of course, also a lot of pitfalls, but if you choose the right guide, they can not stumble. One of those conductors in the world of virtual Dating has become the app Radarius.

As already easy to guess, Radarius is one of multiple applications, pursuing simple but so popular nowadays, the goal is to help people get to know each other. Of course, goals to experience can be all different. Someone looking for a companion to discuss vital issues and breaking news, someone looking for a companion for going to the movies or shopping, and someone – his future soul mate. App Radarius able to help in any situation, but you need to understand that the app is only an auxiliary tool and nothing more, all the most important thing, as always, depends solely on you.

Before you begin to direct the use of the application, you will either need to log in with your Facebook account or register. Registration at the initial stage takes less than a minute, as there is nothing special to indicate there is no need, only your gender, name, age, city.

In the application Radarius a lot of opportunities to search. There are two modes of Dating: check-in is determined by the exact location of users, and in a hidden mode shows only the distance to another user. But, of course, first and foremost, they help you find someone, and others you. And all you need to be active yourself and not wait for the sea weather, otherwise no results will not be.

The “Radar” app Radarius can be displayed in two versions. In the first case, on one screen you will see several photos of different users. Just click on any of your favorite photos — you will be redirected to this user. There you will find information about the user and, for example, go to chat. In chat, you can chat using text messages. Another option is an improvised map, which displays users (check-in).

In the section “Who you like” full screen will display only one picture. You, in turn, will be asked to mark the photo as favorite. If you like – press the heart, if not on the cross. After each answer you will see the following photo have a new user. And so on.

As in any such application, in Radarius a lot of attention paid to money. Then there are additional features available to owners of a VIP account. This status allows you to view the anonymous people on the radar without posting your location, unlimited to communicate with new users and view your likes, even if they are not matched.

Summing up all written, we can say that Radarius app for online Dating that are quite a can become a reality. It all depends on you. But you have to understand that without at least a minimal investment to find a soul mate is not so easy. Although the luck factor has not been canceled.

Name: Radarius
Publisher/developer: Faino Digital Media
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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