RAM capacity of the battery.. the specification of the iPhone 11 that did not know her Apple

Apple has its own way in the iPhone as responsible for the development of hardware and software together, avoid the usually male figures, and stating the amount of the check.

For example, did not disclose to Apple any details about the memories of the interior, and the battery capacity, and confirmed that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is has the longest battery life in the history of the iPhone, but there are ways to find out the specifications of the phones even before its arrival to the user.

For example, memory, storage, can be gauged from the Apple Store website, where you will find that the iPhone 11 comes with a capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB. Either my copy Pro and Pro Max, You Me About option 128 for 512 GB.

Were rumors that Ram will be in the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a capacity of 6 GB, but denied those rumors through the site of the performance test ANTUTU, which confirmed that all models of iPhone 11 comes a 4GB RAM.

Have reported to Apple that the battery life of iPhone 11 Pro Max The Longest 5 hours compared to the predecessor iPhone XS Max, any better by 33%, and the expectations that the battery capacity is 3,500 mAh, but according to the committee of Commerce of China TENAA, the amplitude is much greater; it is 3969 mAh.

The added site capacity battery 3110 mAh phone iPhone 11, the amplitude of 3046 mAh for iPhone 11 Pro.

Recall that the position of the Commerce Commission of America is already promoted experience the coming of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a capacity of 6 GB of RAM, even denied, was later a source of more confidence; and so you may not be capacity batteries minute, especially in iPhone 11 Pro, which Apple claims that it enjoys a battery life longer 4 hours compared to the predecessor iPhone XS.

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