Random Access Memory 10 GB RAM and support for 5G – the most prominent features of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 !

Select the Shawnee at the time of the previous launch date of the phone by the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on 25 October, is expected to come a range of new features special become the most important special button for the digital assistant Xiao AI, and now confirmed more information about the phone.

According to the latest announcement trailer published by the Chinese company on the web site of the Shao-water Mix 3 will come with support for networks 5G, which is available by, where to 2019 will witness the staging of the fifth-generation networks in a number fine from the state.

But the real surprise here is the RAM size 10 GB RAM!

No. 10 GB RAM is not new to our ears, we had to monitor our With You by rumors about the advent of the first smart phone RAM 10 GB RAM as a characteristic of the Oppo Find X, which is soon at like a snowboard, but shawty I decided to win the title with the Mi Mix 3 by Friday!

On all only days to the official launch of the phone, and what bothers us a bit is that there isn’t any slats support 5G in the market so far, so expected to adopt water Mix 3 to an external modem most likely one of the models Qualcomm X24 or X50 along with the Snapdragon 845, which in turn will affect battery life in a negative way. Or you may end the phone until Snapdragon 8150 before entering into production, which means that it won’t come until next year.

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