Razer check losses for the first half of this year despite higher revenue

Razer Phone 2

Know the company Razer between users Bergheim and accessories video games for personal computers, and in addition the company keeps involved with providing digital services and sharing other markets such as the smart phone market with a phone that is totally dedicated to games.

In its financial report confirmed Razer they have achieved the highest revenue for half year since its listing on the stock market, where revenues reached 357.2 million, and is higher than has been achieved in the last year by 30%. The company achieved 303 million from sales of peripherals and gear, and $ 35.7 million from digital services on the rise year by 110%.

Though it has exited the company’s net loss amounted to $ 47.7 million, but it doesn’t suffer from any debt, and have in the bank funds totaling 528.9 million. Finally, the police confirmed that they own more than 70 million accounts for various services provided by the players.

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