Razer offer the device Blade 15 Advanced Keyboard mechanical visual

Revealed the company Razer for a Blade 15 Advanced first device notebook computer keyboard mechanical, visual, which is related to Sensor Light alternative to the traditional keys to the process input.

Order keyboard device Blade 15 Advanced new from Razer on the lighting, trying to custom keyboards for gaming, with the N key to change and to avoid the problems that appear when tapping on multiple keys.

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Features a Blade 15 is Advanced with the keyboard mechanics visual jump into an quick, confirmed the trade to the operation of the device, where the keyboard comes in the device the same experience provided in the custom keyboard for games that host computers desktop.

Comes device Blade 15 is Advanced in the category computers notebook custom gaming representative of the level of pricing is high, where the starting price for the device of 2649 dollars, with Realtek screen RTX 2070 from Nvidia, the processor Intel i7-9750H number 6 of the nuclei, with random memory 16 GB RAM in DDR4 memory, and also storage capacity of 512 GB in SSD memory, also comes the device’s screen in 1080p with a refresh rate of 240Hz on the screen.


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