Razer wants to release Trinity Naga mouse for left-handers, but she needs your help

As you already understood from the title, this story will be mainly of interest to left-handers. And the lefties who love MMO and MOBA.

Because these genres created gaming mouse Razer Naga Trinity, which may soon come in a version for lefties. By the way, here is the Roma surveyed this rodent. In the normal version, of course.

In General, left-handed gaming mouse, no. There is a symmetrical model, was the “Lisova” DeathAdder, and others I don’t know. If you know exactly assimetrico gaming mouse for lefties write in the comments.

Razer recognizes that releasing a product is very expensive. Because development takes a lot of money (like there not just to mirror your mouse, and almost re-create), and sales miserable. So the company went on Kickstarter. And you need it… $ 1 million. Well without the 10 000.

But have collected so far, only 32 000, which is sad. However, in the comments you can read that people often accidentally found a page with campaign fundraising, that is, Razer does not promote this project. Although, given the huge amount, I doubt that even if his promotion would be able to collect the coveted million. You need to get about 10,000 people to fully participate in the campaign, and yet less than 300. By the way, the mouse asking for 90-100 dollars.

The technical differences from the normal version will not. Also I do not understand, if Razer will release this arm in the event of the failure of the campaign or not. But the manufacturer admits that even if successful the device will still be unprofitable for him.

Are you going to participate? There gamers are left-handed?

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