RAZR is back, and Google Maps gets an important function: week

Last week marked the return of a legend! Motorola introduced the reincarnation of its iconic Razr phone, which was the coolest smartphone of its time and he wanted everything. But the past week has been rich in other news. Let’s remember them! Let’s talk about the Galaxy Fold, an interesting new feature of Google Maps, and much more.

Reissue of the cult devices are always wondering if it’s not Nokia 3310/

The contents

Google Maps will get the translation function

Google Maps adds an interpreter right in the application interface. It may seem that such an option will only overload the already functional program. However, it is not so. The first thing that comes to mind is a new option greatly facilitate communication for people traveling to other countries. With built-in translation is available with the option of converting text to speech.

Let’s face the truth: most people that travel outside their home country, I do not know a foreign language at the appropriate level. Yes, of course, most people somehow will be able to speak English with the locals. But what if the English don’t know? How to ask for directions or to call the taxi driver the destination? Of course, now there are a lot of apps of this kind and when you don’t speak some language, you can use a specialized program or dictionary. But they mostly focused on everyday communication, and not on names of places or locations.

Google Maps acquires new functions

Now, instead of thinking about how to convey to the locals that’s where you need to get, you can just click in the Google Maps app. Moreover, Google Maps now also will suggest you go to Google Translate if you need to continue the conversation further.

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The new function works as follows: the program determines the language of your phone and chooses it as the primary language of the system. A second language, which (and with which), actually, will need to translate, selected on the basis of location or map that you are currently studying. For example, if the native Russian language will view a map of Tokyo with the edge of the screen he can see the speaker icon. Clicking on it will launch a option translation. It seems to us that this is a very good decision. What do you think about this feature? Express your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

An example of the program

Surprisingly, this kind of functionality to transform text to speech was not included in Google Maps before, given that this is one of the most popular kartograficheskikh services for travel. Function Translate for Google Maps will appear later this month on devices running iOS and Android, with initial support for 50 languages (such as Russian even supported). In the future, according to Google, the number of supported languages will only expand.

It should be noted that Google is very much committed to the integration of their services with each other. I have the feeling that the company really thinks about the creation of some ecosystems. If before the search giant, as if ponasozdavali a lot of disparate programs for a variety of purposes, but now they decided to bring them “to a common denominator”. This is actually very commendable. After all, these great services are very popular with users. And this will further strengthen Google’s position in the market of mobile applications and services.

Apple’s Vice President of unflattering comments about children kototorye not using a MacBook

Apple has officially started selling its fresh notebook, 16-inch powerful MacBook Pro. In honor of this event, senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller gave an interview to CNET in order to promote the new device worth of 2,399 USD. But apparently, Mr. Schiller was carried away, said the fact that children (and students) who use chromacake for training, quote, “will not succeed”.

Phil Schiller really spoke negatively about the chromebook users

Just so you didn’t think we rip out a phrase out of context, first, in the beginning of the article we left the link to the source, and, secondly, now here is the full translation of the statements of Vice-President of Apple company.

Many years ago we conducted research in the field of education about the importance and role of technology in education. About how they can help in the learning process. The result of this study was that successful in school, students most involved in the world of high technology. Children and students who really want to learn with the use of high technology, will have greater success. It is easy to understand why they don’t like to do in the classroom. You must have these advanced learning tools to help them really achieve the best results.

But the Chromebook is not capable of. Chromebooks hit the classroom, let’s be honest, because they are cheap tools for testing. If all you want to do is to check the level of knowledge of children, it is possible that a cheap laptop can handle it. But with him, they will not succeed.

Of course, there’s no doubt that chromebooks is a successful device. Chrome OS is the only operating system for personal computers, which for the last few years have shown a steady growth. More than 60% of all mobile computer equipment purchased today educational institutions is chromebooks. In 2016 the Chromebook for the first time ahead of the system on the basis of the macOS. As Schiller promotes laptops, he is undoubtedly aware of this.

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Schiller says that chromebooks is bad from the point of view of the market. He says that children who learn produco Apple such as the iPad or MacBook will be more “inspired” to succeed in school, and if the same student uses a Chromebook instead, of “inspiration” will never happen. Schiller forgets that the main reason why chromebooks are so fond of the institution and the students is that they are cheap, reliable, simple and safe to use. Of course, iPad and MacBook also reliable and safe, but they certainly are not the cheapest devices in its segment. What do you think about the statements of Vice-President Apple? Write your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

So let’s summarize: Phil Schiller, a multimillionaire who runs the richest company in the history of mankind, says about the huge success of cheap chromebooksthat use students of all ages simply because it’s what they can afford. If Shiller really believes that enough Chromebook inspires millions of students, why Apple does not start the real competition in this area?

It chromebook. Inspiring? But Phil Schiller was not very

Where cheap, reliable, simple, durable and safe MacBook, which at an affordable price-suited for school systems? Where incredibly simple and versatile version of macOS, or the iPad OS, which will allow system administrators to even the smallest educational institutions to easily and effectively manage a huge fleet of devices? All this is not. But there is a mythical “inspiration”, which will only come in if you buy a new MakBook. Preferably in the maximum configuration and with an extended warranty. So it’s for sure!

Motorola released the Motorola Razr

If you are not surprised by the modern smartphones and you lament about, with nostalgia remembering the days of seven-a decade ago, imagine how we feel. Due to the fact that we have on a permanent basis to cook in this theme, we have for many years not felt a burning desire to touch another novelty. No new iPhone 11 Pro Maxor Huawei Mate Pro 30, or even folding Fold Galaxy Samsung did not cause in us desire even to see them live, not to mention the fact to test. Perhaps the only camera that changed our view of the really cool developments, became the revolutionary Xiaomi Mix Alpha, and now it has added the new Motorola Razr.

Motorola Razr — the perfect foldable smartphone. At least in the current environment

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Motorola Razr is a new folding smartphone from the company Motorola, which was presented this week. The name is easy to guess that the Chinese had based the case of the cult phone, the mid-zero’s Motorola Razr V3 and gave it a flexible display. Apparently, therefore, it was decided to play on nostalgia of fans of the independent Motorola, which many years ago set the trends and produced a truly original device, which was similar to the products of competitors.

Motorola Razr — how to look like a folding smartphone healthy person

Whether affected friend body, or just an unusual form factor, but Motorola Razr catchy. It makes me want to pick up, twirl and see what it’s capable of. But even the photos of the presentation of the strong feeling that it should look like this foldable smartphone healthy person. Unlike Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X, Motorola Razr gives the impression of a finished product, ready to buy it, not only geeks, but also ordinary users. Even an outstanding chin from the bottom here looks quite natural – not that the competitors who, though tried to hide this deficiency, but clearly lost in this race.

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For Motorola Razr immediately see that its designed by people and for people. That only is a unique method of folding, which is designed to prevent the formation of folds in the display. The fact that the folding mechanism underlying construction, at the time of the closure pushes the inner elements to the sides, leaving quite a big gap at the bending place. This reduces the load on the matrix and thus prevent the formation of creases, characteristic for the same Galaxy Fold.

Motorola came up with a unique folding mechanism for Motorola Razr

But with the technical equipment Motorola Razr all is not perfect. Even if we forget about the fact that the basis of the smartphone is a Snapdragon processor 710 and 6 GB of RAM, then the battery is really disappointing. Its capacity is only 2510 mAh battery with a 6.2-inch display. It’s frankly a bit even for smartphones three years ago, not to mention modern models, which has become the norm to have the battery on 4000 mAh. Therefore, if the Motorola Razr will live at least a day, it will be a victory.

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Motorola Razr will go on sale in January 2020 at a price of $ 1,500. However, it can be to buy only in the U.S. operator Verizon, and so are sales of the device Motorola has no plans, at least in the foreseeable future. And for good reason. After all, their crafts should show all the other manufacturers how to do it right foldable smartphones that they wanted to buy the regular people and not just technogical with plump wallets.

Samsung made a deal with the manufacturers flexible glass for Galaxy 2 Fold

The first foldable device Samsung in of the Samsung Galaxy Fold can hardly be called successful. After all, even the tech giant admitted that the smartphone has a number of disadvantages. However, the South Korean news portal ETNews recently said something interesting. It turns out that Samsung has signed a major deal with Dowoo Insys, the Korean manufacturer’s panels of flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG). Does this mean that the next Galaxy Fold will have a screen made by a similar technology?

It is likely that it will happen. After the agreement was signed between Dowoo and Insys unit Samsung Display, the first to become the “exclusive provider of glass for screens for future devices of the company.”

Galaxy Fold has all chances to become better than its predecessor

Original Samsung Galaxy Fold using the screen, made on the basis of plastic, not glass panel. And the display is prone to wear and tear primarily from the fact that he is very strongly scratched. Glass display can solve this problem. Dowoo Insys manufactures flexible glass panels that have a thickness of 100 micrometers. Currently Dowoo Insys can theoretically produce up to 500,000 panels per month, according to ETNews, but it’s not the number of panels, which effectively “gives” the plant, so all may not be as smooth.

Dowoo Insys, according to the same Korean website, may experience operational challenges when creating flexible glass panels. Here comes to the rescue and Samsung. The smartphone maker has invested 12 billion KRW (about 10.3 million U.S. dollars) in company Insys Dowoo with the intention of solving technological challenges, as well as for the construction of second plant for the production of flexible glass.

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It is worth noting the fact that glass production Dowoo Insys may be required to Samsung, not only to create a hypothetical Galaxy 2 Fold (although such an outcome is most probable). The fact that the glass panels are UTG with a thickness of 100 micrometers can achieve the length and width of 30 meters. This means that the potential for their application is huge. Glass UTG, it is possible to use tablets, laptops, televisions and other devices. What do you think, where else can I apply flexible glass? Write your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

In addition, we cannot exclude the fact that improvements in process technology and increasing production volumes will have a positive impact on the final cost of new devices. The same first Galaxy Fold scolded, in particular, and for too high a price. Last but not least it was due to the fact that Samsung just did not have the necessary facilities for the production of flexible displays. Now the smartphone manufacturer has established Assembly lines, and the purchase of cheaper and durable glass will play into the hands of every company will be able to produce higher quality devices at a lower price, which will be happy and consumers.

Features of the Snapdragon chip 865

Tech giant Qualcomm in the face of yet not even officially announced that it is developing a processor chip of the next generation. However, evidence that a similar development there have appeared previously. Well, recently, thanks to insiders, it became clear not only that a fresh chip with almost 100% probability will be known as Snapdragon 865, but what he is capable of.

What will be the new Snapdragon?

It is expected that Qualcomm will officially present to the public its new Snapdragon 865 during the event Snapdragon Tech Summit, scheduled for December 3. The processor, as expected new development, should become an “electronic brain” of most of the flagship phones that smartphone manufacturers are planning to launch next year. Thanks to a new leak we do not need to wait for the day of the announcement in order to learn more about the processor.

Chinese blogger and insider, is known for its accurate and hiding under the name Digital Chat Station, revealed the configuration of the next Qualcomm processor. According to the report, published on the site Weibo, the 865 will be Snapdragon OCTA core processor. In this respect it will differ little from those already known to us the actual models and Snapdragon Snapdragon 855 855+.

As is often the case, new product launches, we are told insiders

As for the cores, the mobile platform is the next generation will have the following features: main Cortex A-77, operating at a frequency of 2.84 GHz, three high-performance Cortex A-77 with a frequency of 2.42 GHz, and four energy-efficient Cortex A-55 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz. The GPU, as it turned out, there is a chip GPU Adreno 650 with a clock frequency of 587 MHz.

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The kernel, as you can see, you have virtually the same clock frequency as the core have already mentioned the Snapdragon 855. However, Qualcomm still hopes that the new chip will be much more productive predecessors. In particular, this will be achieved through the transition to Cortex-A77, which is itself in the “synthetic” tests outperforms Cortex-A76 20 percent. The total increase in power the new graphics subsystem, according to the same insider, should be around 17-20 percent. What do you think about the new processor? Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

Snapdragon 865, most likely, the first will appear in the smartphone from Samsung, as it is often the South Korean giant is introducing innovations in their devices. With high probability we can say that Snapdragon 865 will be responsible for the processing of information in the upcoming line of Samsung Galaxy S11. It perfectly correlates with the previously appeared information about the fact that the Korean company is winding down work on the production and improvement of Exynos chips, as we reported earlier. It is also expected that Snapdragon 865 should have a built-in modem of the 5G standard. About the power consumption of next-generation processor is not known yet.

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