Re-design of Dropbox with the added advantages of video calls and shared services to Google and Slack

إعادة تصميم دروب بوكس مع إضافة مزايا مكالمات الفيديو والمشاركة لخدمات قوقل وسلاك

The platform launched Dropbox new update rebuilds the shape of the product with the addition of a number of different services, and where the police design is to provide a different experience for the users of the facilities the options, also launched the advantages to share files with platform Slack, the possibility to create and edit files, Google, and others.

دروب بوكس - dropbox

With this update, users of Dropbox will have to go away from home to do the modifications on the files to Google Cloud or files documents , etc., where you will be able to industry files suit with Google and add the other files of the product in addition to the reliability the Cloud, Next to their ability to do the same task with Microsoft Office.

The company also added another feature in the update allows the creation and storage of links and short projects, in the sense that when working on a specific project it can create a link and then add it easy way to facilitate access across the region at any time.

دروب بوكس

And appeared another feature with the new update by providing the partner a thorough search, instead of search each section separately there will be a search bar at the top of the page you can find the content of all sections.

سلاك - Dropbox to Slack

On the same side, has the company disclosed the feature to collaborate and share files with platform Slack for the organization of the business, where you can share your content from Dropbox directly to the conversations of slack. Next add the other allows for the involvement of projects and management through Atlassian.

دروب بوكس - zoom

Another feature added by the company of another kind, where it announced the provision of video conversations across the region through the service of Zoom, where you can access the talks Zoom and share files directly with ease.

Animated screenshot showing tasks being added, a person being @mentioned, and files being pinned to the top of a folder in the new Dropbox desktop app

Besides the advantages of the former, it has added Dropbox advantages allow to add description for each file on the area to help in the understanding of the content and type of documents in it and to clarify it’s team work, next to the feature that allows to see the interaction activity file and the content inside it, and the other is called the views comments and responses on the files with ease when you use the phone or the personal computer or even the web browser.

Many of the more important and useful reformulate the product to be more informative and integrated, and surely these modifications cause in attracting more users.

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