Re-design of the Department of exploration in Instagram where they with the addition of suggestions for the story

إعادة تصميم قسم الاستكشاف في إنستقرام مع إضافة اقتراحات القصص

You Instagram where they will intermittently change to their application and user interface, and this time continued her career, but with the Department of exploration “Explore” which will start to appear differently with the addition of suggestions to the option for IGTV or TV Instagram where they will be in the intersection of long.

The arrival of the new update, the user will see the bar top is completely different from the previous with options for IGTV or stores and when clicked will show suggestions on what this department needs based on interests of the user naturally. As for the story, which is an essential part of the app, the new design will demonstrate some of the proposed story within the content section of exploration along with other classifications.

It is worth mentioning that the new update was launched today and will be gradually to users around the world, so in case you didn’t get the update today, it will be on the way to you undoubtedly.

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