Re-design of Twitter on iOS makes the meter stores two non-prominent

إعادة تصميم تويتر على iOS يجعل عداد المتابعين غير بارز

As part of plans to Twitter to rework some of the features of its statute, announced on the tongue of its chief executive “Jack Dorsey”, about the re-design of the application on the platform iOS, where it was made the numbers of followers in app less visible by making the font size smaller, this change comes after he Jack Dorsey repeatedly that he wants to give priority to continuing meaningful numbers like number of followers and likes.

At the same time, the chief executive of Twitter “that he should not be on users to get rid of the number of followers they have on Twitter, where with the onset of Twitter has been to motivate them to increase this number, and today I don’t think this is right,” he also added “that the number of talks meaningful and enjoyed by users on the product are most important, and to that end we have launched a new update for the operating system iOS makes the number of followers is not prominent”.

At the same time to re-design this has been also other details, such as sites, birthdays, date of joining and other details of the other account, where all become small, in turn change the delicate kind, but it will serve the purpose well, being that it will attracts the eyes of users to the number of followers as much as it was before, the idea here is that with the passage of time will not feel users that they are forced to focus on the figure.

Finally shows a few of these changes on the Twitter application in Android, but details such as date of joining and other information has not changed, Have you Twitter finally updated the app on Android to maintain consistency between the across both applications.

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