Read 100 units only available from card AMD Radeon VII in Britain when all


It seems that the reports which indicated that AMD will not produce more than about 5,000 units in the launch window of the card by the graphic leading AMD Radeon VII were true, stated a new report on the website Videocardz that the card had to launch a very limited in Europe, nearly 100 units have just been shipped from the card in the British market, and only 20 units have been distributed in France and Spain.

These quantities are very meagre make us wonder if AMD have produced this card so keep in fact as a competitor to buy Nvidia in the senior category even if it’s on a very narrow range, note that the price in Europe was higher than the official price in America, estimated at about 700$, where the price exceeded all in Europe 700 euros, and it was justified that the difference in the currency and high taxes.

This card owns 3840 stream processor and operating at up to 1.8 GHz, and with 16GB of memory random-type HBM with and update up to 1TB per second of memory. Theoretically, this card is able to work strongly fee of up to 13.8 teraflops, which makes it one of the most powerful graphic cards on the market.

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