Readers explained why not subscribe to Apple TV+

Subscription today is perhaps the most profitable and popular economic model. It had a very strong impact on the types of content that is in demand. Thanks subscriptions special popularity has acquired the series, which, unlike movies, allow you to keep the viewer endlessly and forced to spend it watching much longer. So when Apple introduced its own video service, which has promised to replenish exclusive series for every taste, no one was particularly surprised. Another thing is that to subscribe, too, want not all.

Apple TV+ will not get the Russian dubbing. And for many, this is the real problem

Many Russian-speaking users do not intend to subscribe to Apple TV+ as long as Apple doesn’t provide every show available on the site, dubbing, or at least a professional offscreen voice. It showed the surveyconducted among the readers According to most respondents, they do not intend to pay for access to TV shows without a Russian audio track. Anyway, according to “Kommersant“, all or almost all of the pictures on Apple TV+ will be available exclusively with Russian subtitles.

Will there be Russian voice on Apple TV+

64% of respondents said that they would not subscribe, despite the fact that it only costs 199 rubles, if the only way to understand what is happening on screen captions. One connection is that they simply more comfortable to perceive the content in their native language, having the ability not to be distracted by reading the Ticker, as it did not allow in real time to follow the action. Others explained that they plan to use Apple TV+ the whole family, some of whose members either do not speak English or possess them in insufficient for the perception of movies and series degree.

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24% of respondents said that they subscribe to Apple TV+ regardless of the presence or dubbing Russian voice. According to them, they have no problems with the perception of English speech and, therefore, there is no reason to abandon the original content in which Apple invested a lot of money. However, there were also those who do not speak English at the level of the media or of free communication, but it is going to subscribe to Apple TV+ — in order to improve their language proficiency.

Whether or not to subscribe to Apple TV+

The remaining 12% did not act rashly, and said that they will make the decision after the launch of Apple TV+. They explained his caution in decision-making quality content that will be available at the site. In the end, free week will be available to all, and the series that took the Apple, can be truly breathtaking. It turns out, explained to users, the first time it will be possible to be patient, assessing the range and decide on the renewal of the subscription after the trial period.

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Whatever it was, but the dubbing, or at least voice-over in Russian segment of the Apple TV+ sooner or later should appear. This indicates that Apple is not opposed to duplicate content, preparing to present a dub for 40 languages of the world. Even if one of them initially will not be Russian, most likely, it will appear after a few months when Apple opens up the prospects of the Russian market, or find a Studio that will duplicate its content for reasonable money for this company.

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