Ready readers buy iPhone without connectors

Wireless future, in which Apple invited us to 2016, when it introduced the first AirPods, never came. Three years have passed, the audience for those who prefer wireless headphones to wired increased, but fundamental changes in this area still has not happened. Many still charge their iPhone by wire, because it is banal faster and, frankly, cheaper, not to mention the fact that they use an adapter from 3.5 mm to Lightning, to listen to the music. Affects the habit and unwillingness to keep pace with the times, but soon Apple will impose innovation by force.

Wireless charging may be the only way to charge the iPhone in two years

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According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 2021 at least two flagship models of the iPhone will lose the Lightning connector. However, Apple will not replace it on a USB-C, as many might think, and actually leave the smartphone without a single wire interface. This makes the version that a couple of years in Cupertino will begin to match the flagship iPhone wireless AirPods very likely. However, it may happen that the package will cut even more and will put in the package only one iPhone, while charging accessories and headphones have to be bought separately. So we decided to survey the participants of our chat in Telegramto find out how they relate to the prospect of deprivation of iPhone all external connectors.

iPhone wirelessly. Why not

The majority of users – 44% — said they would buy this camera without hesitation. Still, technology has reached a level where all manipulations with a smartphone can be done wirelessly. Data transfer has long been carried out through Wi-Fi or LTE, charging using wireless charging stations that are quite inexpensive, and listening to music through headphones or external speakers is available via Bluetooth. Therefore, if Apple refuses the Lightning, the fundamental inconveniences it does not deliver, I decided the respondents from this category.

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Another 39% of respondents believe that the inability to connect to your iPhone Lightning cable or at least USB-C can deliver a lot of problems. However, here opinions were divided. Some believe that to leave the external connector you need to at least reserve, to be able to restore a backup if the smartphone will suddenly become a brick in the process of a failed upgrade. And others believe that in this way Apple wants to force them to buy additional accessories. After all, if good old EarPods for iPhone will not connect, not to mention the standard charging unit, all the necessary peripherals will have to buy again or to pay for the Apple.

Why Apple should keep the Lightning

The remaining 17% answered honestly that I do not know. Despite the fact that there is nothing improbable in the iPhone wirelessly no, explained one Respondent, sometimes the connector is really needed especially if you have to lose to the computer a large amount of data. In the case when we are talking about a few dozen gigabytes, the cloud is not suitable, so the most quick and most importantly free way is to use a wire connection. What can you say about the charge. After all, the current technology wired charging allows you to charge your smartphone for a couple of hours, whereas wireless will be forced to keep the apparatus at the station for 4-5 hours in fact, without the possibility comfortable to use it all the time.

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