Real estate prices.. your way to real estate market the Saudi

aqar ksa

aqar ksa

Provide technical tools of modern decision-making and trade-offs options much more effectively than traditional methods, If you want to know the real estate market in the city, you need to monitor the real estate office information incomplete, not up to a true picture. The location of real estate prices as it indicates his name, is working to submit the reports and indicators about the performance of the Saudi real estate market.

The site provides information and indicators necessary for the prices of real estate deals that take place in the Saudi market to score the gap weakness of the sources of information directed to this important sector. The site offers its services Free to all and relies on its data to the Saudi Ministry of Justice.

The site offers three Core Services, Search pages and real estate in detail, periodic reports about the movement of the Saudi real estate market and measure the value of trades made every week, and indicators of real estate for the neighborhoods most popular see which pages are where.

The query on the page immediately documented in accordance with the data of the Ministry of Justice, as well as can refer to our archive so 9 years earlier.

The website supports property graphs, interactive a-level biology, designed the fees to help next to the secret purchase of real estate to assist them in making the decision best suited for their requirements.

Allocation researchers share where they can access Open Data raw shocks implemented in the UK via the link

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