Real stop the development of Microsoft Surface folding

According to a new report owning Microsoft’s three projects surface carrying the code names, such as Lebron “surface forces”, caramel “Surface Pro 6”, Andromeda “phone rollaway.

It was the first device is a tablet priced at $ 400, the equivalent of 1,500 Saudi riyals, designed to rival the Apple iPad, which was unveiled last week.

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But, apparently, it will be a project Andromeda special Phone Service rollaway perspective a long time ago, especially after the emergence of some of the pictures to get rid of the phone, which is rumored to be based on engineering models do not of Microsoft.

It was expected to be the launch of the Andromeda by the end of the year, before Microsoft stopped development of the project suddenly early this month, it appears that the project has not been stopped permanently, where he confirms the report by several sources that Microsoft has decided to postpone the process of development of each of the device foldable and software used by the terms that the company was not satisfied with the level of the device after, which reminds us with compete mini, which the company didn’t call it off before the start of production in 2014, so the people of Microsoft that you will not achieve good sales.

This states that the expected date to launch the Andromeda on its development would be at the end of next year, according to sources within Microsoft itself, perhaps in anticipation of the reactions of the consumers about the Galaxy X rollaway is scheduled to launch in January 2019.

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