Realistic images of Samsung Galaxy S11 and a lot from Google: week

The real headline news this week was Google. The company actively undertook to drive new and interesting functions, and also to increase the security of their products. Despite this it was not without news about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, which first appeared on real images. It may have to wait a few months, but now we can with high probability to understand exactly how it will be. Such news were also remembered this week. More about all this will traditionally cover in this article.

This week Google made a lot.

The contents

How to protect yourself from spam in the Messages app

Two-factor authentication has long ceased to be a way of reassurance, becoming an important tool of protection, who managed to save many. Even if the password of your account in social networks or Apple ID which is tied to all your devices, know someone an outsider, it is banal will not be able to be authorized without entering a code from a SMS received on your phone number. Therefore, the scammers cheat and send potential victims a message about an already produced change password and click on a phishing link, to cancel this action. To avoid such situations in the future, Google has decided to fight with them.

Google figured out a way to protect users from spam and phishing

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Google has released an update brand Messaging (download) with a built-in mechanism that will mark verified messages with a special icon. Thus, the company wants to show that the links, authorization codes and other information received in such messages — reliable and safe. As a result, users will probably know that, if they pass the URL from the message, they will not be redirected to phishing page and not lose your account if you enter your username and password.

Left unacknowledged message, to the right is vindicated

Of course, to implement such system without the help of those companies that sends messages to users, Google would not have happened. So she had to enlist their support and to offer them the verification procedure. However, for security purposes it pass not once, but every time you send messages. To do this, companies must send a hash of the message Google, and she will forward it to the recipient. As a result, to read the message, only the one to whom it was intended, and the search giant this chain plays the role of mediator.

Hashing - literally means "hodgepodge". In fact, it is the process of encoding some information that allows not to store or transmit it in the clear, but to be able to determine its authenticity. For verification of encoded information is a kind of mask, which right is called hash-sum. Google has set up a distribution system in which passwords and other confidential data will only on the device of the recipient.

Despite the fact that to convince the company to pass the verification is quite difficult, Google has already achieved some success. She was able to negotiate with several companies from USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Philippines, Spain and Canada. However, the exact list is not disclosed. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the total number of companies who have agreed to the terms of the search giant, is still not large enough to this in principle, it was possible to tell a wide audience.

In addition, Google has built in “Messages” the complaints mechanism for spam. Algorithms will analyze the application of the sender and the content of the message and in case of detection of signs of danger suggest to complain about it. However, while this feature does not work in all countries and is likely to depend on operators. But since usually those are also in proportion with the senders, relying heavily on the built-in blocker is not worth it, unless it operates exclusively at the program level regardless of the operators.

Google has added to Google Assistant built-in translator

Google Assistant is the most functional voice assistant to compete with which may perhaps Alexa, and then only in some special moments. For example, many people like that assistant from Amazon can automatically lower the volume with which he gives the answers, if you go in a conversation with him in whispers. However, generally speaking, by features Google Assistant is superior to anything that exists today in the market. It is nice when Google from time to time extends its functionality, making your assistant better.

Google Assistant has a built-in translation mode

In January 2019 Google at technology trade show CES, held annually in Las Vegas, has introduced a mode translator for Google Assistant. It allows you to translate your speech into foreign languages available in its database. However, since the company regularly pretended that any representation was not, and she did not understand what was going on, when she was asked about when the new regime finally appears in the public version of the assistant. And now, after almost a year, Google delivered.

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In contrast to the translation feature, which is available, for example, and Siri works in one direction, the new mode Google Assistant is intended to facilitate communication with alien language which you don’t know. To this end, the interface of the voice assistant from Google implemented the key with quick replies on the language into which he translates the original speech. They need to give the other party the opportunity to respond quickly to your question, therefore, vary depending on the context of the conversation, but, as a rule, are monosyllables like “Yes”, “No” or something.

  • If you need to activate the translator in Google Assistant, call his usual command or pressing the corresponding key on the phone and say, “Help me to speak [language]”;
  • Say the phrase you want to translate, and Google Assistant will pronounce it as it should sound, and at the same time displays;

Google Assistant translates speech into 44 languages of the world

  • If there is no interlocutor assistant with interpreter, you can offer him to make answer by voice, click on the quick response or enter a response on the keyboard of your smartphone;
  • If necessary, you can copy the translated text and paste in the search engine, instant messenger or any other application to use it outside.

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Google currently Assistant supports 44 languages, providing translations in both directions. This possibility can be useful in a situation when you are among foreigners, and you need something to ask them, but hope that they will understand any of the languages known to you, no. Then you just launch the Google Assistant on your and build a conversation in their native language and voice assistant already translate everything you say, and explain what the other person says.

Memory management on Android

Google Pixel had always been a little apart from the rest. Affected by the status of selected devices, which not only received a fresh update on the day of their release, but could boast of a number of advanced functions. In the end, it Google first on the market to shoot portrait photos at a wide-angle camera, and then completely finished off when presented a Night Sight mode that allows you to make high-quality images in low light conditions solely due to the operation of software algorithms. More the value of these functions increases their uniqueness and the lack of availability on smartphones of rival brands. However, a smart memory management mechanism will not be exclusive to the pixel units.

Android smartphones will conserve the RAM. But when — unknown

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Google is planning to release updates for smartphones Google’s Pixel, which should improve the technique of memory management. The improvement will consist in reducing the resource consumption of apps in the background. As a result, users can run multiple programs simultaneously, without losing performance and without fear that one of them will take off or restarts. The changes will be especially noticeable in games. The fact that they are extremely important to preserve the progress that you can lose when you switch between previously launched applications.

Intensive feeding of RAM on Android a temporary problem, reported to Google

However, as found by The Verge, Google has decided not to do an update that improves memory management, exclusive line Google Pixel and distribute it to all compatible smartphones. Another thing is that while the list of most of these machines will remain hidden, not to mention the timing of the release update. This gives reason to think that users will have to wait from several months to years because of innovation of this kind is drawn on it to add it in the Android 11, whose output will be only next year.

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The probability of such outcome is quite high. Still Google is not able to send out updates on any smartphones other than Pixel. Therefore, to ensure that the proposed innovations appeared in firmware of third party devices, they require further adaptation, which can produce only their producers, playing the role of mediator between Google and users. Well, considering that from the time of the actual release of the update until it is ready for most smartphones takes from month to half a year, wait for changes, most likely, have quite a long time.

But how should such innovation from a practical point of view? Despite the fact that iOS has instilled in many a habit of never closing down background apps, no problems with restart of recently run programs most never is. Even those applications that are opened very rarely, properly waiting their reopening. But there are smartphones with much more RAM, higher-than-average values. For them, the problem of inefficient memory consumption does not exist in principle, therefore, useful innovation is likely only to Google Pixel and the public sector with 3-4 GB of RAM.

Android 10 for TVs

With all these outputs flagships from various manufacturers, a scandal between the U.S. government and Huawei, rumors about new smartphones and leaks relating to them, we somehow forgot that Android extends far beyond smartphones. Therefore, it seems that all of the statements by Google regarding the release of Android 10 TV, was not. After all, this week day, this operating system became available for manufacturers of smart TV running on Android. Moreover, the fact that it has to happen Google has said a couple of months ago.

Android 10 comes on TV

Technically, Android 10 for smart equipment, capable of showing movies, series and TV shows already available. Now it all depends on how quickly the manufacturers of television equipment will be able to adapt it and create firmware for their devices. Because in General Google has fulfilled its promise. They said that Android 10 for TVs will be ready by the end of 2019, and they released it on the tenth day of December 2019.

When Android TV was first introduced in 2014, we decided to bring the best of Android in the connected home every TV — written by representatives of Google in the official blog. We worked closely with the developer community to develop our ecosystem, a system of providing content and applications to give users what they want. Since then, we try to keep TV sets, releasing them with the most current version of Android.

In fact, in the words of Google is the truth. Their technology has changed the way of access to the media, entertainment and consumption in the home. Televisions remain the largest and most often used screen for viewing content. Only now it is not through a satellite dish or cable television provider, and from the Internet.

Sat down to you can finally forget about the Nexus Player. It’s not supported, but you can still continue to use it if you don’t install the update. What is the reason not entirely clear, because taking the Nexus Player, Google to replace nothing. But without improvements, of course, has not done.

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Android 10 includes improvements for working with wifi networks, support for TLS 1.3. If you do not go into the details, the TLS 1.3 is a more secure and efficient mechanism for the protection of personal data of the user. In addition, there is a mandatory disk encryption, and an API to control the color temperature. Do you have smart TV? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

ADT-3 is committed to make apps for Android TV even better

There is also a very interesting point. Along with the release of Android 10 for TVs, Google also unveiled a device for developers called ADT-3. This miniature console (which you can see in the photo above) will allow developers to test their apps for Android TV in working conditions, rather than using emulators on the computer. The console runs on Quad-core platform A53 with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, HDMI output 2.1 and video support 4K at 60 frames per second.

The real images of the Samsung Galaxy S11

About the upcoming (but still, alas, not officially announced), the flagship from the Koreans the Samsung Galaxy S11 it is known is not enough. We even managed all the details to see the device on a renderingprovided by reputable insiders. But these remarkable people seem not going to stop. Because recently famous for his predictions, and unique information about the upcoming devices, Twitter user @IceUniverce showed us two pictures, saying that they are not something, namely, to in development Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11 continues to mount up

As you must know (if not, read our previous articles on the subject), the Samsung Galaxy S11 has to be pretty big back camera module. It confirmed we have already mentioned, renders, and leaked fresh photos this information is not a contradiction. The back of the device really looks quite massive. But because of not very good quality picture, it is very difficult to distinguish whether in addition to the “eyes” of the cameras on the unit with additional modules.

As you know, chief among the updates is a 108-megapixel camera sensor, which, along with a 5x optical zoom to telepathically will ensure excellent quality pictures. In order to apply all these improvements, the Samsung, apparently, decided on such a controversial move from the point of view of design.

However, the specialists of the portal XDA Developers claim that “real” 108 megapixels we can get. The camera software can be configured so that multiple sensors will “work together” to ensure the desired resolution. However, this approach will increase the sensitivity of the device, which is a good thing. However, we don’t know for sure whether what we see in the photo above is a Samsung Galaxy S11, because even the most authoritative insiders from time to time mistaken. What do you think, what kind of device there is data on pictures? Write their suggestions in our chat in Telegram.

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However, it should be noted that the flagship smartphone from the South Korean technology giant will have quite a lot of interesting innovations. First and foremost is, of course, extremely powerful Snapdragon 865, which Qualcomm announced last week. However, the achievements we can expect from the display. Several sources confirm that the screen will get the refresh rate as much as 120 megahertz. And aspect ratio can be quite non — standard 20:9.

It is impossible to leave aside and other recent information concerning the battery of the device. Latest Samsung battery will have a completely different design, which allows to increase the capacity of the battery cell retaining the same size module as a whole. This will enable them to have a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is a very decent figure. Also began to clear and the hypothetical date of the announcement. There is a large probability that it will occur in San Francisco at the Mobile World Congress 2020, which will be held in February next year. The portal Tomsguide even called the exact date — February 18. In this case, you can only wait with bated breath.

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