Realistic images reveal the design of the phone Mate 20 .. a small bump and 3 rear cameras and a 3.5 mm


Expected to reveal a Huawei phone its flagship Mate 20 in 3 copies sometime during the month of October next.

View the XDA site a collection of sound design for Huawei mate 20 and leaks and photos of the reports earlier, although the dimensions of the phone in those pictures may not be accurate and complete unless they give a clear perception about language design in the phone associated with.

According this image the phone has a screen cover a very large part of the front end with a lower flange of a broad bump is very small in the screen has the front camera and the sensors of the other, and the backend has 3 cameras the design – it looks by the pictures – it’s beautiful.

Mate 20
Mate 20
Mate 20
Mate 20
Mate 20

And images also owning the phone to headphones, external 3.5 mm at the top of the phone, in addition to having the charging port of the USB Type-C and the tweeter at the bottom of the phone.

On another note, the phone Mate 20 will come with a Screen Type OLED area of 6.3 inches with a processor Kirin 980 memory random capacity of 6 Gb along with 128 GB of memory storage procedure, as it will be backed by battery giant has up to 4200 mA/H.

Some suggest that Huawei might hint to a dead phone 20 during the IFA conference, to be held the end of the current month, while the official launch may be sometime during next autumn.

What do you think of this design? And do you think we’re heading for dispensing extrusion fully soon? Share your opinion.

The realistic images reveal the design of the phone Mate 20 .. a small bump and 3 rear cameras and 3.5 mm have been published first in are.

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