Realistic images the new assure us the advent of the phone Vivo X30 with a fingerprint sensor in the screen


Scheduled to be a formal unveiling for the phone Vivo X30 in the day 16 December, has revealed the company Vivo are already about the design and colors that will come out of this phone in many photos of the headline published by the financial period. Today, we’re here with realistic images of new US front and rear of the phone Vivo X30.

Align these images with new photo painting previous and you can see that the phone features a screen with a hole in the upper right corner for the front camera, and four cameras in the backend. Furthermore, these photos confirm to us also that the phone is Vivo X30 will sensor fingerprint in the screen.

Assured us company Vivo earlier some of the specifications of the phone Vivo X30, such as the processor Exynos 980, and support networks of the fifth generation 5G independent and non-independent, and the fish of 3.5 mm, the camera core, which report the accuracy of 64 megapixels. The company also published some of the images captured using this phone which shows us the capacity of camera is best for this phone.

We still have to wait about a week before we see the company Vivo reveal phone Vivo X30, so expect to hear more about this phone in the coming days.

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