Realme is planning to launch a headset its wireless at an event held on the 17th of December

Applies the conference of the Realme law in the 17 of the month of December, to launch headphone company, Wireless with released Your of phone Realme XT 730G, to be held in the Indian market.

Use the relationship Realme commercial launch released Your of smart phones Realme XT 730G which applies, with the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G.

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Published Realme teaser recently conference next to be held in the city of Delhi in India, where he participated Madhav Seth, CEO of the company a formal invitation to the conference, which offer glimpses of the first to design wireless speaker high which keeps the design of the AirPods.

Come hear the Realme wireless in the category of headsets that are available, which support calling phones and devices landed, as confirmed by Realme on that wireless speaker comes in at the highest level in the sky of the expected, it also supports the users of the platform landed with the highest performance.

Recall that a lot of smartphone manufacturers now offer released Your of wireless headsets, where all made of Sony, Samsung, Google, share, today can Realme is also to ask released your competition in the market, so we expect the conference to the next company on the 17th of December.


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