Realme is preparing to launch a phone equipped with a main camera background accurately 64 mega pixel camera

The company launched the Realme teaser for issuance coming from smartphones, which applies settings to the quad in the rear it also comes sensor the main camera accurately 64 mega pixel camera.

Use the brand of sub to buy for OPPO to launch its first release of the phones and 5G, who applies later this year for the markets Europe and China, and today the company began to post ads trailer for the new version of its smart phones features settings quad in cable car rear sensor with a key strictly 64 mega pixel camera.

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I have published a teaser of the Realme at the expense of her official site Weibo, wherein the phone sensor Samsung recently announced ISOCELL Bright GW1, which features the dimensions of 1/1.72 size and pixel resolution of 0.8 ┬Ám.

The sensor Samsung’s 64 mega pixels with the collection of pixels in one point to produce the image accurately 16 mega pixel camera, with the advantage of photographing the smallest details in low lighting.

Recall that the Realme did not provide more details about the sensors in other cameras the background, however, the projections indicate the company’s plans to publish further details via ads trailer new in the coming period.


I know of

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