Realme is working on a smartphone featuring a camera with a 64 megapixels, and will be first to India


Works sub-brand of the Realme, a subsidiary of Oppo on the new smartphone features a camera sensor with the reported accuracy of 64 megapixels made by Samsung, which is planning to showcase this phone in India soon.

This sensor is the largest sensor you get smart phones, it is the size of 1.72/1 inch, resulting in a pixel size of 1.6 µm per pixel. It should be noted that this sensor supports technology Tetracell that integrate the four pixels to form one pixel large, which means that it will be able to produce images with a resolution of 16 megapixels. The following image was taken using this sensor, which published CEO Realme, Mr. Madhav Sheth on Twitter network after you change its size.

Although he did not set a date to launch the phone, he promised CEO Realme launched in India before anywhere else and see how he is actually able to capture a photo worth sharing.

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