Realme know about headphones Realme Buds Wireless wireless, the cost is 25$ only


Realme XT is not the only product announced by the company Realme today, the company announced the Chinese as well today for wireless headphones new called Realme Buds Wireless. Thing more in these wireless headsets is that they are extremely cheap and come with many features, knowing that the cost of 1499 Indian rupees, the equivalent of US $ 25.

Longer headphones Realme Buds Wireless new deep voice from the speakers with a diameter of 11.2 mm which has been tuned by Alan Walker. The rest is supplied by the membrane is multi-layered with a roll PHOTO Japan Daikoku. As you can expect, this is the new heavens of the company Realme associated with mobile devices wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, and three buttons in the ribbon that wraps around the neck, made of metal, silicon, and nickel titanium, to provide more comfort. Besides all that, this speaker has light weight 30 grams.

Because the target audience that the sky is the active users, the headphones Realme Buds Wireless new provides up to 12 hours of use with the knowledge that 10 minutes of charging adds 100 minutes of listening. Besides, they have the ability to resist drops of water.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that the headphones Realme Buds Wireless will be available in three different colors including black, green, orange.

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