Realme learn about Realme X specifications flagship phones and the price of the basic $ 220

Realme تعلن عن Realme X بمواصفات الهواتف الرائدة وسعر أساسي 220 دولار

The company announced the Realme Chinese subsidiary of OBO for phone its new Realme X as it was considered the beginning of the production line phones leading, which is targeting the markets of middle-income it can be said that the Indian market is considered an essential here where there is committed among all the companies phones.

Over the phone with unique design and stylish similar to the recent launched by the company Realme 3, where have the OLED display-free from extrusion measured 6.53 inches of 1080p HD and fit my side 19.5:9, with front camera pop-up accurately 16 mega pixels similar to those found in the OnePlus 7 rear camera backed sensor Sony IMX586 accurately 48 mega pixels.

The X processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 user in the Oppo Reno battery capacity 3765 Milli amp supports fast charging according to the Oppo VOOC 3.0, with a science that has Sensor fingerprint built the network with the supplied Inlet to the heavens.

The phone comes at the price of a fundamental $ 230 to copy 4 GB of memory is random and 64 GB memory internal storage with the option of 6, 64 GB RAM and memory storage as well as 8 and 128 GB to its price to $ 260 in the finest specs.

This specification depends Realme X suitable Jabbar in Aleppo phones in particular that have common specifications with many of them under that price it is cheap for him, where will the company via its official website and partner sites on 20 May on the to reach the Indian market later.

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