Realme officially announced the headset Buds wireless available for sale at a price of $ 25

The company announced the Realme about the headset its wireless Buds that come Bluetooth enabled, with lifetime charging up to 12 hours and are now available at a price of $ 25 only.

Supports headset Realme Buds call via Bluetooth 5, with the drive 11.2 mm standards Alan Walker, and the bass a multi-layered co-developed Daikoku Japanese.

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It also features a headphone Realme Buds with 3 of the buttons in the strap around the neck for the wireless speaker, where it comes lace design from silicon and, as I use the company all of the nickel and titanium in support of wireless speaker design, more comfortable.

And the weight of wireless speaker to 30 grams, and the age of charging up to 12 hours, and can charge the wireless speaker up to 10 minutes to get on the age of the charging up to 100 minutes, come sky also standards IPX4 resistance to water spray, it is estimated that the sky is orange, black along with green color.


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